Barrel Aged Cocktail Tasting Experience

Enjoy the first-ever Barrel Aged Cocktail Tasting Menu in New York City. Le Salon in-house barrel-aged cocktails are made through The Solera Process, a fractional blending process in such a way that the finished product is a mixture of ages. 
The four-course tasting experience consists of eight beverages: four barrel-aged cocktails and four un-aged cocktails or spirits for comparison. 
The entire experience is situated at the Bar Counter for an intimate experience with the bartender. 
Bar Manager: Erin Gabriella

Reservation is now available through RESY at $85 per person. Every Tuesday – Saturday, 5 pm & 9 pm seating, up to 6 people.

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$85 per person, Available Every Tuesday - Saturday 5 pm & 9 pm.
Up to 6 people.
Reservation is available on RESY, please select "Barrel Tasting" 5pm or 9pm to make a Barrel Age Tasting Menu reservation.
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